Best Summer Learning Workbooks for Grades 1-10

Summer Learning Workbook for Grade 1 to 2


Summer Learning Workbook for Grade 2 to 3


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Summer Learning Workbook for Grade 3 to 4


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Summer Learning Workbook for Grade 4 to 5


Summer Learning Workbook for Grade 5 to 6


Summer Learning Workbook for Grade 6 to 7


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Summer Learning Workbook for Grade 7 to 8


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Summer Learning Workbook for Grade 8 to 9


Summer Learning Workbook for Grade 9 to 10


Summer Learning Workbook for college prep


Free Summer Math And English Practice

  • Prevent summer learning loss

  • Help your kids continue to learn during the summer months

  • Brush up on key skills to boost confidence and mastery

  • Help your kids prepare for the upcoming school year

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State Test Prep Print and Online Resources

Oral Reading Fluency Online Program

  • Interactive reading experience with engaging Lexile-leveled stories
  • Improve reading confidence
  • Enhance word mastery and reading comprehension
  • Actionable easy-to-read fluency metrics report

Children's Story Books With Online Reading Program

Curious Reader Series

Help your child achieve reading success with world's first children's storybook series with oral reading fluency support

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Math | Reading | Writing | Vocabulary | Fun Activities | Short Story Competition

  • Prevent learning loss
  • Retain and strengthen Math & ELA Skills
  • Build a strong foundation for success in the next grade level
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State Test Prep Print and Online Resources

Help Students Achieve Reading Success

  • Read and record engaging stories or passages
  • Practice vocabulary via fun Lumos FlashCube
  • Hear the story read by an expert teacher
  • Answer interactive Reading Comprehension Quiz

Curious Reader Series is the World’s First Children’s Storybook Series With Online Reading Program

Help your child achieve reading success with world's first children's storybook series With oral reading fluency support

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The Ultimate Print and Online Prep Resources for Achieving Perfect SAT Scores

  • SAT Math and ELA Study Guides
  • Online SAT Practice Program
  • Try Free SAT Practice Tests

Available High School Workbooks

Smarter Balanced for grade 10 & 11

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Lumos Free Educational Resources


Find schools’ information, including test scores data, contact information, available jobs & events nearby, and more!


Free Question And Answer Generator

Lumos question and answer generator online tool is designed to help you providing Q&A for your essays, extended constructed responses, blogs, and pretty.


Free Online Text To Image Generator Tool

Lumos Online Image to Text Generator Tool is designed to effortlessly transform ideas into stunning images.


Free Online Summary Generator Tool

Condense any text into clear, concise summaries with Lumos Free Online Summary Generator.


Free AI-Powered Website Monitoring Tool

Lumos AI-powered Website Monitoring Tool is designed to monitor, detect, and stay aligned with the webpage changes.

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Edsearch, the Educational Search Engine

Discover thousands of free curated standards-aligned, grade-appropriate learning resources to create and share lesson plans and assignments, whether for standardized testing or extended learning. The educational resources include engaging videos, apps, worksheets, interactive quizzes, sample questions, and other resources.

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Knowledge Assistant Shopify Add On: Self‑service FAQ & Help Center for Website Owners

Built specially for eCommerce, business fronts, event websites, and more, Knowledge Assistant is a self-learning communication platform. It helps your website visitors instantly locate answers to their questions, resulting in improved customer experience and creating efficiencies.

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Knowledge Assistant Zoom App: Secure and searchable online video and audio library

Quickly and securely store, organize and share fully searchable video and audio catalogs while making them searchable, accessible, and valuable.
Get more out of your team meetings, employee training, conferences, lectures, webinars, interviews, and more! Increase engagement and knowledge retention with automated transcriptions, summaries, smart table of contents, Q&A’s, closed captioning.

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Free Printable Worksheets

Download hundreds of free printable Math and English Language Arts (ELA) worksheets organized by state assessments, subjects, grades, and topics for your state standards.

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Standards Coherence Map

The Coherence Map allows you to see the connections between standards across multiple topics and grade levels in Math & English Language Arts (ELA). Find hundreds of free state standards aligned resources to support your instruction, including Practice questions, Videos, Books, and Infographics.

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Flashcube for Vocabulary Practice

Find grade-specific word lists and visually explore different aspects of mastering a new word. Each face of the cube provides useful information ranging from the word definition, parts of speech, pronunciation, to usage.

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Lumos App Store

A centralized list of best educational learning apps for students, teachers, and parents. Quickly find top apps in Math, English, special education, homework-help suitable for toddlers, pre-schoolers,high-schoolers, and many other categories.

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Educational Blogs

Find the best collection of articles from expert teachers for a myriad of topics related to K-12 education to help you explore ideas, trends, and research education that influence learner achievement.

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Online Workbooks

Get instant online access to hundreds of standards-aligned engaging learning resources with Lumos tedBooks™. These books are designed to improve student achievement in classrooms and on state standardized assessments.

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Lumos Store for Teachers

Explore and Buy Supplemental Study Programs for Elementary and Middle School Students

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Educational Videos

Find thousands of Instructional and ‘how-to’ videos that explain concepts and help build essential skills for students from Khan Academy, Lumos Learning, and many other top publishers.

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Free Text Complexity Analysis Tool

Provides educators immediate access to quantitative dimensions of text complexity, including sentence length, average word length, sentences per Paragraph, and text cohesion (to name just a few). The reports here also provide instant access to several readability measures for a given text, such as Flesch-Kincaid, Gunning Fog, Coleman-Liau.

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Lumos Write Metrics, Free Online Grammar and Readability Checker

An innovative writing analyzer that helps educators understand common errors in students’ written responses. It efficiently identifies and aggregates grammatical and spelling mistakes in student answers. It also has a robust algorithm that assigns a readability rating for each response.

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Lumos Comprehend, Free Question and Answer Generator

Generate questions and answers based on any text such as essay, story, passage, or even a students’ response to an extended constructed response. Teachers can use the questions generated to create assessments and quizzes, saving valuable time. Publishers, Authors, and News agencies can put the power of Lumos Comprehend to automatically generate SEO-friendly content based on news articles, blogs, etc.

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Amazon Sales Predictor

The Amazon Book Sales Predictor tool makes the Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR) more meaningful to booksellers, publishers, and authors. It estimates the daily unit sales of any book or title listed on

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Free Oral Reading Fluency Program

The free reading program uses engaging children’s stories that match the learner’s reading level and creates an immersive experience through innovative learning tools – combining reading skills with listening and speaking skills.

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Free Sat Essay Grader

The Free essay auto-grader uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to grade students’ responses to the SAT essay questions automatically. It provides a directional score on a scale of 0 to 4 by taking several attributes of a student’s response, including grammar errors, spelling errors, proximity to the expected answer, etc.