Irresponsible – Adj

Meaning: A person is described as irresponsible if he or she lacks the quality of responsibility. They don’t do what they are supposed to do, or forget/loose things that are very important and can cause lots of damage to others or some processes because of their actions.

Example Sentence: That man is very irresponsible, he forgot where his car keys and his house keys are.

Campaign – Noun

Meaning: A campaign is a group of people that are in competition against another group of people (campaign) to win a post or prize. Normally these groups are part of government organizations and they are competing to become the leading/ruling party of that term.

Example Sentence: Barak Obama and the rest of the Democratic Campaign won the elections for the term of 2012 – 2016.

Coward – Noun

Meaning: A coward is a person who cannot face danger or is very scared of small things. He/she doesn’t have a lot of courage and has lots of trouble facing tasks which include pain as well.

Example Sentence: There was once a captain who abandoned his crew on a ship because he was too large a coward to drown with them.