Moisture – Noun

Meaning: Any liquid that is condensed or diffused is referred to as moisture (most of the time this liquid is water)

Example Sentence: There is a lot of moisture content in the air today. (here moisture is water in the air.

Coward – Noun

Meaning: A coward is a person who cannot face danger or is very scared of small things. He/she doesn’t have a lot of courage and has lots of trouble facing tasks which include pain as well.

Example Sentence: There was once a captain who abandoned his crew on a ship because he was too large a coward to drown with them.

Meadow – Noun

Meaning: A tract of grass used as pastures or for grazing. They are also used as hayfield

Example Sentence: John and I went for a run along the meadow, we saw lots of sheep grazing in the long grass, there was a lake there too, it was a very nice meadow.

Outstanding – Adj

Meaning: When something is striking or stands out from the other items or when someone does and amazing job on some work, or when something looks amazing, we can describe it with the word outstanding.

Example Sentence: Marissa and Adam did an outstanding job on the cake yesterday, it tasted, “WOW!!!”

Auditorium – Noun

Meaning: Auditoriums are stages for performances. They are normally indoors and have lots of seating for the audience as well.

Example Sentence: We went to an auditorium last night, it was nice and the play that we saw was good too.

Legislature – Noun

Meaning: a deliberative body of persons, usually elective, who are empowered to make, change, or repeal the laws of a country or state.

Example Sentence: If the Legislature of the government get’s involved then things mights get a little more complicated.

Beyond – Preposition

Meaning: At the farther side of something, farther on than something, more distant than something, outside the understanding, outside the limits, etc…

Example Sentence: Please don’t go beyond your limits! OR If you go beyond the forest, it is said that you will find a haunted castle.