Heroic – Adj

Meaning: It is used to describe a person with heroic qualities. For example someone that can lift heavy objects can be described as heroic.

Example Sentence: ‘The Rock’ (in wrestling) is considered a heroic for the acts that he performs.

Inducement – Noun

Meaning: Inducement is the process of inducing. The verb inducing means to lead someone to do something using the powers of persuasion.

Example Sentence: Inducement is my strength once I induced my mother to buy me chocolate bar.

Allurement – Noun

Meaning: It means the act or process of alluring. Alluring is a verb and when performing this action a person is using his or her charm to attract someone towards themselves.

Example Sentence: Jack and Jill are great at the art of allurement. It’s really hard to resist them both.

Elope – Verb

Meaning: To elope means to run away with a lover and get married.

Example Sentence: Last year I heard that there were 178 couples in America that had to elope because their families didn’t approve of their lovers.

Dogmatic – Adj

Meaning: A person can be referred to as dogmatic when he or she has a very arrogant way of asserting their opinions and when they are very opinionated.

Example Sentence: John is a very dogmatic person, he never lets someone speak out what he or she wants to when he feels that he’s better than him or her, plus we always have to follow what he says and agree with what he thinks.

Haunch – Noun

Meaning: A Haunch can be referred to our hips. It is also the fleshy part that is above the hip. We also use the phrase, ‘the workers were sitting on their haunches’ which means that the people were squatting down or using their calves and hips for sitting.

Example Sentence: My haunches are hurting a lot ever since I started sitting on them when I get tired.