Votary – Noun

Meaning: The word votary refers to a person who is bound by solemn religious vows, such as a monk or a nun.

Example Sentence: The votary of the temple was very polite but didn’t let us past the gates because of our apparel.

Succulent – Adj

Meaning: This could mean that a plant has lots of tissues and has lots of juice inside (orange), it could also mean that someone has lots of rich qualities, it could also mean that something is full of juice like some types of meat, or it could mean lots of mental nourishment..

Example Sentence: That fruit is quite succulent.

Minutiae – Noun

Meaning: Minutiae is a noun which refers to the minute details of something, or else it can refer to trifling matters. (something that isn’t really worth fighting over)

Example Sentence: The inspector can see the minutiae in crime scenes.

Choleric – Adj

Meaning: We can call someone choleric when they are extremely irritable or when they can be angered easily.

Example Sentence: “Don’t be choleric, we are just having a conversation, there is no need to get mad at the suggestions that I’m making”