HTML Certification

HTML Certification

HTML is the standard markup language for creating web pages. Used by millions of people, HTML plays a huge role in the way we interact with the internet every day. This certification is a great way to validate your basic skills in HTML. Lumos Learning offers HTML certification that provides an opportunity to earn a career credential. to try now!

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The Flashlight Reader

The nice thing about the Common Core Standards is that everyone can use them. Oh, did I say “can”? I mean “will” because they are here–whether you are ready for them or not. After all, isn’t that the essence of “common core”?

I found that this particular book would make a nice addition to your teacher tool kit. Some highlights of the book are:

1. The practical writing practice for both fiction and nonfiction pieces. There are several story starters included to allow students the opportunity to practice using different literary elements.

2. The practice activities for identifying illogical or incomplete content (in a passage), grammar skills, and inconsistent verb tense and voice. Which, any ELA teacher knows is extremely hard for middle school students to master. There are also lessons on eliminating over used words and properly using personification. As a bonus, there are multiple opportunities for practice with each skill, so you are not left scrounging around for remediation/enrichment activities.

3. All of the writing exercises are practical and well grounded in the ELA curriculum. There are pages of student essays that will allow your students hands-on editing practice. I personally love the “show what you know” lessons that let kids practice the skills they have been learning. I seem to get great insight into what my students have learned (and they develop a deeper understanding) when they have the chance to critique their peer’s work.

4. There is also an online resource to further enhance instruction. As a bonus. there is a platform that allows (and encourages) students to publish their work. Can you imagine how great your students will feel about publishing their work and getting feedback from other students around the country?

There is also a very detailed answer key included for all of the practice activities that helps to break down the skills. Even novice teachers can use this book to enhance their teaching without the fear of not being able to answer student questions.

The index of CCSS standards– and the corresponding page numbers for the activities in the book– make this a very easy reference tool. No need to flip through every page looking for one particular skill. You can quickly find what you are looking for, and save your precious time for teaching.

LumasLearning’s Write Better Stories and Essays is a great tool for any ELA and writing teacher. “

Teachers We Need Your Help!

Hello Teachers!

Quillpad is geared toward helping students improve their writing. We would love for you to help us in this journey!
Here are a few ways you can help (please drop us a note if you have ideas!)..

  • Read and comment on student’s stories
  • Create an account and share your tips, tricks and techniques
  • Have your students use this free site to publish their work
  • Have your students review George Smith’s Write Better Workshop
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